Tuition & Fees

The Tuition policies are outlined below.

  • Registration fees: 
    • After School $30 per student
    • Full-Time Hifz $100 per student
  • Monthly Fees: 
    • Full-Time Hifz Program : $300 per student
    • After School / Part-Time Hifz: $50 per student
  • The admission fees and the first month’s payment must be made prior to the first day of school. 
  • Payments is due on the 1st of each month. If payment have not  been received by the 10th of the month, a late charge of $20 will be assessed. 
  • Monthly fee is non refundable 
  • Monthly Tuition is due in full amount regardless of the number of days your child has attended school. If your child is sick and does not attend, or travels in the middle of the year, no compensation will be made for hours missed. 
  • Tuition fees vary from year to year. 
  • Other fees: for books and any supplies must be paid separately.

How to Pay

Use any of the following methods to pay tuition fees or to donate to Al-Madina Islamic Academy Assn

Method 1

Just press the PayPal link below:

Method 2 

Zelle it by using the following Gmail:

Note : 

Must write the student full name and month in the memo option. It helps us to identify students and update payment status for the student

(Now, almost all banks have the Zelle app built-in either connected via your email or phone number)

Log into your bank if the bank has Zelle built in or use the Zelle app.

Use this information to add AIA as a recipient 

First Name: Ami

Last Name: Academy

Once you add the AIA as a recipient,  now,  every tim, we  only need to put the  the the amount and send it

For support: 

Feel free to contact AIA for any additional support

Financial Aid

  • AIA Academy has a limited financial aid fund program. 
  • The program is established to assist families who demonstrate financial needs to enroll the students at AIA.
  • Financial aid is in a first come first serve basis. 
  • A financial aid form must be submitted each year with current income tax return and w-2 forms. 
  • Awarded financial aid can be cancelled if the conditions of eligibility are no longer met. 

Conditions of eligibility:  

  • Financial need  
  • Paid off all other tuition and fees  
  • Student must maintain good academic progress 
  • Student must maintain good behavior and discipline