Admission Process

Step-1: Check the Primary Prerequisites and Eligibility Before Submitting the Application:

  • Available space in the classroom. (Contact AMIA office)
  • Grade: 
    • Full-Time School accepts new enrollments only for 2nd to 6th grade. (Existing students will continue to higher grades)
  • Age:
    • Full-Time Hifz/School: between 7 and 12 years old
    • Summer/After School: 6 to 12 years old
  • Mental Stability & Physical Health
  • Obedience to parents and teachers
  • Good Behavior
  • Parents should have a clear understanding of the school’s policies, including dress code, punctuality, and timely fee payments.
  • Parents must understand their financial and time obligations to the school.
  • Family’s commitment to meet the financial and educational obligations to the school.
  • Parents cannot expect special education instruction beyond the school’s capability or capacity. 

For Hifz Only: 

  • Fluency in Quran recitation
  • Proper Tajweed
  • Ability to memorize the Quran and retain it


  • If your child is eligible based on the Primary Prerequisites and Eligibility mentioned in step 1, please submit the online form designed for new students. 
  • Do not use the returning student form


  • AMIA will contact you to schedule an appointment for the admission test and orientation.
  • The admission test and orientation may take 15-30 minutes.
  • Both parents and students must be present.

 Step-4:  During the admission test, the following steps will be undertaken:

  1. Verification of eligibility.
  2. Assessment/Placement Test.
  3. Setting up online payment.
  4. Auto payment withdrawal authorization.
  5. Payment of the registration and first month of the fees.
  6. Purchase of books and labeling them with the student’s name.
  7. Reviewing all AMIA codes of conduct and signing them.
  8. Get clear Idea of AMIA dress code and the uniform and buy at least 2 sets.  You can buy at Tooba Islamic Fashions & Books, 5207 Walnut St # 1, Philadelphia, PA 19139. For AMIA student has special discount.

Step – 5: When student can  join class

You must show the approval email/letter to join the class

The approval will be sent by email if you are completed all admission process including the class schedule, syllabus, teacher name etc