Al-Madinah Islamic Academy

Summer Program 2024 - New Students

Welcome to our summer program! Whether you’re joining us for the first time or transitioning from another program, we’re thrilled to have you. Get ready for an enriching experience filled with Islamic learning, spiritual growth, and new friendships.

New Students Policy

All of the following policies must be read before submitting any enrollment form:

  • All applicants must undergo the admission process for enrollment. No individual member can unilaterally influence or enforce enrollment.
  • Failure of applicants (and/or their guardians) to follow formal procedures may impact enrollment.
  • All applicants are tested before final enrollment.
  • Final enrollment is contingent upon the teacherโ€™s assessment of the student.
  • The school also reserves the right to decline admission to students without explanation of reasons.

Enrollment in Full-Time School

  • All applicants for Full-Time must undergo a trial period before a final decision on Full-Time admission is made.
  • Please ensure that the primary prerequisites and eligibility for Full-Time school are met before submitting the application.
  • All applicants for Full-Time must participate in the summer program for the trial session.
  • Parents should refrain from removing students from their previous school until receiving final approval from AMIA.
  • Once your child receives final approval, you may proceed with enrolling them in the PALCS online school for academics.

  • Parents should be aware that AMIA utilizes the PALCS online school for academics, supplemented by additional in-person and private online teacher support.

Immerse yourself in Islam this summer.

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