All items must be labeled with the child’s first and last name in case of misplacement. Supplies listed with MS means those students entering middle school should get those.

Full-Time School Supply List – Grades 1-6

    Durable Backpack and Lunchbag

    Four spiral notebooks with folders

    Pencil Case

    One pack of pencils (24)

    One pack of pens (MS)

    One pack of markers (12)

    One pack of crayons or colored pencils (12)

    Pencil Sharpener


    Glue-stick (2)

    Plastic water bottle

    White Out (MS)

    Post it’s (MS)

    Highlighters (MS)

    Personal Cup

    Personal Plate/Spoon

    Small towel for after wudhu

    A good quality headphone

    Qaidah/Quran and Islamic studies books

Please check the list sent by AMIA and purchase from the AMIA office

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